Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

No, I’m not auditioning to be an extra in a television series, I’m just excited that rhubarb is back in season.

I LOVE this rhubarb crumble recipe that I found a few years ago – Jamie Oliver has come up trumps with this one.This is a tried and tested recipe that I return to time and again. As soon as rhubarb comes into season (and is on special offer in the supermarkets) I get very excited and grab a couple of bunches so that I can make this crumble. I normally make the full quantity and enjoy the leftovers for a few days, but this time I limited myself to a few miniature portions.

First, stew your rhubarb with a little orange juice and zest (I didn’t have one on hand this time, it’s not absolutely crucial) and some brown sugar. I like my rhubarb quite well done, but you just need to soften it really. Spoon the stewed rhubarb into a baking dish (or several small ramekins for individual portions):

This is where it gets really good. Sprinkle on your crumble topping, which is made extra delicious by the addition of oats and preserved ginger (the sort that comes in syrup), and then bake in the oven. The crumble topping is my favourite part, so I sprinkle on a good, thick layer.

I know you’re supposed to make sure the sides of your crockery are clean before you present your food, but I think that an ooze of syrup down the side is a sign of something really good to come πŸ™‚

Serve up your crumble with cream, ice cream or a generous dollop of fresh custard (my favourite accompaniment):



~ by smileysoyabean on 9 April 2012.

7 Responses to “Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb”

  1. This and your strawberry rhubarb basil frappΓ© post have given me an extreme rhubarb craving. They both look amazing!

  2. I’m so jealous that you found rhubarb! Everywhere I go in Ottawa, they say that they’re sold out and will be getting more in.

  3. It was after reading your post about the rhubarb and strawberry drink that I went out to buy some. I got bogged down with making ice cream and chocolate cake for my guests at the BBQ I’d planned serving them so I didn’t get to try it – rhubarb crumble the next day it was. Like you, I think adding ginger to the crust is a must. I’d never thought of stewing it in orange juice before though – I’m going to have to try that πŸ™‚

    • Ice cream and chocolate cake sounds goooood though πŸ™‚ I’m on a bit of an ice-cream making kick myself at the moment. Hope you had decent weather!

      • Unfortunately it was pretty grim weather – that’s not to say we didn’t BBQ and it set the mood nicely for the zombie films we watched afterwards

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