Happy Easter!

A few weeks ago I had a flash of inspiration. I visualized beautiful little cupcakes, topped with a nest of frosting and miniature chocolate eggs. Then I looked on the internet and realised that, of course, other people had already come up with the same idea (and executed it far more expertly!)

I still need a little more practise with my new icing nozzles, but I think these look respectable enough:

I’m always looking for good, moist chocolate cake recipes – sometimes plain old sponge just doesn’t cut it. I came across this intriguing recipe for eggless, butterless cupcakes. Apparently it’s a very old recipe,  used as a money-saver during the Depression. I was really surprised how well it fluffed up and rose, but I found the flavour a little bland. That said – I think it’s probably worth tweaking. It would be a useful standby for anyone with egg/dairy intolerances as it doesn’t require any specialist ingredients.

I didn’t fancy making a buttercream icing, so I looked for another type of icing I could create using what was in my house. I love cream cheese frosting, but I haven’t mastered it yet – I often find myself having to add waaaaaay too much icing sugar to make it stiff enough to pipe. When I came across this cooked frosting I was once again intrigued. Rather than using lots of butter to thicken the frosting, a flour mixture is cooked and melted chocolate is added at the end. The finished texture is really good and the icing is not too sweet. I’m still not completely convinced about including flour in cake frosting as I felt like I could still taste it, but maybe I just needed to cook it for a little longer. It is a bit of a pain that there are so many stages to making this frosting, but it’s definitely worth bearing in mind as an alternative to buttercream.

All in all, an interesting experiment but the search for the perfect chocolate cupcake continues!


~ by smileysoyabean on 7 April 2012.

8 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. These look amazing…. And any frosting recipe that cuts down on some of the naughty ingredients has got to be worth a go!

  2. They don’t look acceptable, they look amazing!

  3. Hehe, thank you! Of course I’ve photographed them from their ‘best side’ 😉

  4. They look totally professional! I’ve never heard of the flour based frosting- well it looks delicious so worth experimenting with.

  5. They look totally professional! I’ve never heard of the flour based frosting- it certainly looks tge part!

  6. This is a fab post, thanks for the idea the cakes look beautiful and I bet they taste amazing. We have been getting exited about easter and we love everything to do with baking. You might like our recipe for a bit of a traditional English roast lamb lovely for a Easter lunch.

  7. I think a simple “Nom!” says it all 😛

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