Gingerbread cakes

I needed another excuse to practise with my new nozzle so I decided to make these lovely gingerbread cupcakes. The base is lightly spiced and a brown sugar syrup is added to the buttercream icing to create a toffee flavour. They were very straightforward to make – the icing was especially good considering how little effort it took. It’s a very good recipe to keep in mind for those occasions when you need to make something quickly but don’t want to resort to something really basic. Next time I’ll add a few more spices to the cake base as I prefer strong flavours (and it would give me an excuse to raid my spice drawer- yay!).

I had a go at using my Wilton 2D for this. It didn’t work quite as well as it should have because my icing was a little too thick and there were one or two lumps of brown sugar that clogged the nozzle. This meant that the ribbons of icing separated and the icing didn’t flow very well. Not quite a professional job, but somehow they’ve turned out fairly pretty and I’ve learnt some lessons for next time 🙂


~ by smileysoyabean on 2 March 2012.

2 Responses to “Gingerbread cakes”

  1. Ohh my goodness these are gorgeous and they look soo good!

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