Experimental rosemary and lime cupcakes

I was feeling adventurous this weekend and wanted to use up some of the rosemary syrup that I made for these cocktails. My second goal was to learn how to use a piping bag. My initial plan was to make a basic lemon sponge and then top it with a rosemary and mascarpone icing. Unfortunately there was a flaw to this plan – we had no lemons in the house that I could zest and only one egg. I decided to try making a lime cake instead and thought that maybe I could use up some leftover buttermilk as well. I came across this recipe for blueberry lemon cake so I just substituted lemon for lime and omitted the blueberries. The cake had a lovely texture, moist but still light – I’m definitely going to have to try making it as a large cake with the blueberries soon.

For the icing I just combining a few teaspoons of the syrup with a tub of mascarpone and a cup of icing sugar – it made a very lightly flavoured, fragrant icing. It was surprisingly tasty, but I think I’d be tempted to add a little lime juice next time just to give it a little more zing. This is one of my first attempts at piping icing – I need a little more practice I think! Hopefully I’ll find some proper wide nozzles soon so I can give it a really good go.


~ by smileysoyabean on 27 February 2012.

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