Cocktail time!

In reading this blog, you’ll probably notice fairly soon that I love to use fresh herbs as often as possible in my cooking. They can turn the most ordinary dish into something truly delicious and they bring a wonderful freshness to a meal. As well as many other herbs, I adore rosemary and I’m always on the lookout for new ways to use it. Of course, one of the classic pairings is rosemary and lamb, but this is ruled out for a vegetarian like me. In the recipes I’ve seen, the next most common pairing is rosemary and potato – I’ve discovered that it makes a lovely simple sauce for gnocchi, but I’m searching for something more interesting than that.

So when I stumbled across Joy the Baker’s rosemary lime cocktail, I was very excited. Here was a recipe combining two of my favourite things: fresh herbs and cocktails. From then on it was pretty much a countdown to the weekend, my opportunity to try out this intriguing cocktail.

Once the rosemary syrup is made, this cocktail is very straightforward to put together – I had it shaken and poured in no time. There are no precise quantities in the original recipe, so I made an educated guess. The result was a sweet, refreshing drink that I can imagine sipping on a warm summer’s evening (if we ever have one…) and it even got the seal of approval from my OH. I’d like to try tinkering with the quantities to see if I can create something a little drier – maybe a splash of vermouth? What recipes have you used with rosemary? Let me know, I’d be really interested to hear your ideas.


~ by smileysoyabean on 17 February 2012.

2 Responses to “Cocktail time!”

  1. Nigella has a recipe for a rosemary cake whivh I’ve always wanted to try, quite a plain loaf cake if I remember rightly but I think it would be great with a cup of milky tea.

    • mmmm sounds tasty. I’ve seen a few recipes for cakes with blackberry and rosemary as well, which sounds quite interesting. I have the syrup now, I’m going to attempt making some icing with it later I think, on lemon cake. Wish me luck 🙂

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